mariiina (t00tsy) wrote in theron_lims,

Challenge 03 Round 06 Images

This time I ran into 2 photoshoots where Charlize skin looked covered with golden color. A bit unusual, but we'll see who can make the best icons from these bases. I suppose it is the last round before the final one. Good luck!

1. There are some images. You may choose any image you like, but you should submit only one (1) icon.
2. You can use only images provided. Blending is accepted.
3. You should sign up to participate in our lims.
4. Submit your entries to this post.
5. Please submit your icon in img src and url form (make sure your host allows direct linking)
6. Icons should fit LJ standards (only 100x100, 40 kb or less).
7. All effects are allowed (brushes, animations, text, textures, etc.). Sorry, no animation!
8. Do NOT share your icons with anyone until the challenge has ended and results have been posted!
9. Deadline is September, 23
10. If you want to skip a round, please, leave a comment to this post.


[click on image to enlarge]

Tags: challenge_03, images, round_06

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